LF - 109 Pionýr (1 680 mm)

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Scale 1/8 non-powered glider suitable for air-lifts with our larger Z-37A Čmelák or TurboČmelák. The Pionýr model mirrors the properties of the original glider. It is flying slowly, gliding is not as dazzling, as with the original, but flying is very calm and legible. The air-lift is not difficult, the slightly advanced pilot can handle it.

The model is suitable for calm weather or mild winds and can also be rotated with termics lift.

The kit also contains a towing hook system controlled by the servo and can be easily disengaged from the towing airplane at the desired height.

We recommend the length of the tow rope at least 15-20 meters

The model is delivered as an uncolored kit without electronics and without carbon reinforcements and glues.


    1 680 mm



930 mm

Wing Span:

1 680 mm


930 mm


~650 g

Wing Area:

27,7 dm2

Controlled Functions:

A, E, R, Hook


 Set includes:

EPP parts (not colored): Accessories:
-Fuselage -Glass-epoxide laminates
-Centroplane -Levers
-Wings including ailerons -Bowdens
-Cockpit -Steel pull rods
-Elevator -Wheel
-Rudder -Clear cockpit glass
  -Self-adhesive frame for cockpit glass
  -Tube to wing and clutch