Zlín Z-37A Čmelák (1 530 mm)

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The detailed construction kit of the czech agricultural aircraft Z-37A Čmelák (Bumble-Bee) with a wingspan of 1530 mm (Scale = 1:8).

The model is completely made from very durable and "flexible" foam material EPP, and for the wing and elevator is used new "harder" EPP with a higher density, which will positively affect flight characteristics of the model.

The model has included slotted flaps and a controlled spur wheel. The kit includes a scale main landing gear legs and scale spur, motor grid, aileron slots, clear cockpit foil and pre-cut self-adhesive frame foil for easy cabin framing. The finished model has a removable wing. (The wing-mounted is via two pins in front and two screws in rear.)

The whole model is crafted to the fullest detail and 100% conforms shape similarity of the real aircraft. The assembly is simple and can be done by a slightly advanced modeller.

The kit includes everything needful for the model construction besides electronics, glues and carbon reinforcements. (Carbon rods and strips.) You need to buy complete electronics (see "recommended equipment" tab), adhesives and carbon. Everything else is part of the kit.

Kit also includes a EPP parts (not colored - natural white!), plate of lamintas hinges for mouting the slot flaps (used for low speed and more wing lift), levers, motor mount plate, clear cockpit glass and self-adhesive frame, scale legs, foam wheels, wheel stopper, pre-bent landing gear wire, steel pull rods and bowdens, scale motor grid (lamella), scale wing foot-grid, plywood part, plastic screws and nuts.

Surface of fuselage and motor cover after the cnc milling can leave traces of the tool (little bit "grooved" or "wavy"),
The model is also suitable for towing gliders with wingspan about 1800 mm and a weight about 600 ~ 800g.

The model can be purchased with accessories such as a functional spreader, "tank cover", or telescopic alloy lending gear legs.

The model is delivered as a uncolored kit without electronics and without carbon reinforcements and glues.


    1 530 mm
Material: EPP

1 050 mm

Wing Span: 1 530 mm
Length: 1 050 mm
Weight: ~1 700 g
Wing Area: 37,7 dm2
Controlled Functions: M, A, E, R, Flaps, (Spreader)

Set includes:

EPP parts (not colored):
-Fuselage -Glass-epoxide laminates and plywooden parts
-Centroplane -Set of hinges for clevis
-Wings including ailerons and flaps -Levers
-Wing slots -Bowdens
-Elevator -Steel pull rods
-Rudder -Plastic scale model gear legs and spur
  -Pre-bent landing gear wire
  -Clear cockpit glass
  -Self-adhesive frame for cockpit glass
  -Scale engine slats (lamella)
  -Plastic grid to wing
  -Plastic screws and nuts