Zlín Z-37A Čmelák (850 mm)

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Model of an well known czech agricultural aircraft (nicknamed Bumble-Bee) made from very durable and "flexible" foam material EPP.

Thanks to CNC machines, all the parts of this model are very accurate and every jointed place is almost invisible. The kit includes everything needful for the model construction besides electronics, glues and carbon reinforcements (Carbon rods and strips.).

Great priority of this aircraft is its small size and low weight. It also has rather slow flying speed especially with installed flaps. The fuselage is a 100% shape similarity of the real aircraft. This kit also includes the hinges for the slotted flaps that you can installed on the wings during completion.

Z-37 model is designed for slightly advanced pilots. Building of the model and flying with the model is suitable for mildly advanced modellers / children. It flies slowly, calmly and steadily.

Kit also includes a EPP parts (not colored - natural white!), plate of lamintas hinges for mouting the slot flaps (used for low speed and more wing lift), levers, motor mount plate, clear cockpit glass and self-adhesive frame, scale legs, foam wheels, steel pull rods and bowdens.

Surface of fuselage and motor cover after the cnc milling can leave traces of the tool (little bit "grooved" or "wavy"),
The model is also suitable for towing gliders with wingspan about 1200 mm and a weight about 150 ~ 200g.

The model is delivered as an uncolored kit without electronics and without carbon reinforcements and glues.


    850 mm
Material: EPP

650 mm

Wing Span: 850 mm
Length: 610 mm
Weight: ~350 g
Wing Area: 12,3 dm2
Controlled Functions: A, E, R, M (Flaps)


Set includes:

EPP parts (not colored):
-Fuselage -Glass-epoxide laminates and plywooden parts
-Motor cover -Set of hinges for clevis
-Wings including ailerons -Levers
-Wing slots -Bowdens
-Elevator -Steel pull rod
-Rudder -Landing gear
  -Clear cockpit glass with self-adhesive frame
  -3D printed motor grid (PLA plastic)

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